Mini & Gallery Rifle

Many of the former pistol competitions such as “police pistol” and “1500″ are now shot with small bore rifle and pistol caliber carbines. “Mini Practical Rifle”, shot with .22lr rifle, has also become popular. We shoot all of these disciplines at Bisley and other ranges.

At our facility in Slinfold we regularly shoot Steel Challenge or even Man V Man events as well as Mini Practical Rifle with a variety of rim fire rifles. Targets are shot at differing distances from 5 to 50 yards, using a variety of positions to include standing, kneeling and prone shooting from either your left or right side and might include a compulsory reload. Stages are set to offer the shooter a variety of challenges that will test your shooting ability all using your favorite .22 for cheap fun shooting.

We hope that the photos and videos we’ve included in our rim fire shooting section give you some better idea of what we offer

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