About Our Club

Phoenix Shooting Club was formed in the 80’s and until the pistol ban of 1997, was primarily a practical pistol club. Since the pistol ban we have had to look at different shooting disciplines for our shooting enjoyment and although we cannot shoot pistol competitions here in the UK we can still shoot action target events either with Shotguns or .22 rifles. We also shoot Gallery rifle and full-bore rifle.

We are a small club, with a friendly membership base who enjoy all forms of shooting and our shooting calendar throughout the year reflects that diversity. Like all shooting, safety is our paramount concern, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and having a good sense of humor helps. We have a diverse calendar of events catering for small bore and full bore rifle, pistol caliber lever action rifles, and shotgun. To cater to the varied shooting disciplines that we participate in we use a number of facilities and over the next few pages we have tried our best to describe the discipline catered for as well as the facility we use. In many cases you will find a link to directions of how to get to a particular venue. However please bear in mind that the sport of shooting is governed by strict laws, so please if you are interested in joining us or even looking to see if we are the right club for you, do not just turn up at one of our events as we may have to refuse entry. If you have any questions please feel free to drop us an email or if you prefer old fashioned mail we will answer any queries you send by post but obviously this will be a slower process so please be patient with us. Alternatively you may wish to give us a call. Whatever method of contact you use rest assured that we will do our best to answer your queries to the best of our ability and if we can’t help then hopefully we can point you in the right direction.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy our site.

Shooting Disciplines

What our members say

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