How to join Phoenix Shooting Club

As a club we welcome new members. We strongly believe that shooting as a sport can only survive by introducing new people, men women and children, to the sport and showing them how enjoyable it can be. We have qualified and experienced instructors and range staff who can guide newcomers through all aspects of safe and enjoyable shooting. Plus our members are more than happy to offer their experience. Unlike some clubs we all remember that we were newcomers once too.

But as you can imagine we are governed by strict controls as set out in Firearms law. It is therefore important that neither you, our potential new member, or us fall foul of these rules and regulations governing the sport. Over the years we have worked out what we believe is a fairly simple and hassle free process to enable you to enter this exciting sport with the minimum of hassle and “hoop jumping” without falling foul of the various Firearms Acts and its amendments.

Our experience has shown us that most new shooter enquiries come from someone that already knows a member of the club and has discussed joining with them. That’s a good start, as you’ll probably already have had a lot of your questions answered. But that doesn’t mean it’s a necessity.

We’ve put together a guide that will answer most of your questions that you can download here.